NewBlue Art Effects lends visual pizzazz to your video production. This powerful collection of 100 effects in 10 specialized video filters shifts your video into a visually stunning alternate reality.
NewBlue Film Effects gives your projects a filmic appearance, complete with blemishes, jitters, spots, scratches, and graininess. This collection of 81 presets in 5 dynamic filters recreates the inexact mechanics of hand cranked cameras, dirty projectors, and decades sitting in film vaults.
NewBlue Light Effects delivers stylized lighting tools for an electrifying mood or specialized look. This collection of over 100 presets in 10 dynamic filters amplifies the light in your footage and enhances reality.
NewBlue Motion Effects adds action and energy to your scenes. This collection of 100 effects in 10 specialized video filters adds movement to your images through a variety of proven motion techniques, such as spin, ripple, warp and wave.
NewBlue Paint Effects makes your video to look like a painting, drawing or cartoon with a click of the mouse. This top-selling collection features 134 presets in 12 distinct video effects designed to transform your scenes with artistic color and captivating paint techniques.
The NewBlue Sampler Pack features 126 presets in 5 transitions and 5 effects from our best-selling NewBlueFX effects and transitions packages. We carefully chose examples that illustrate the aesthetics and utility of each collection.
NewBlue Stabilizer makes it easy to produce smooth and steady footage. A powerful analyzer searches through all frames, calculates frame-to-frame motion, and realigns the affected pictures so they look clear and jitter-free, just like the rest of your footage. Now available for Mac, too!
NewBlue ColorFast is an integrated plugin that streamlines both color correction and color grading in one simple workflow. With our Spectra Color Isolating Technology, you get precise control over color adjustments.
NewBlue Video Essentials II provides a bag of tricks to make the impossible possible. This top-selling collection of 10 indispensable effects provides solutions to solve frustrating problems and adds luster to your video productions, all using intuitive yet powerful controls.
NewBlue Video Essentials offers 10 highly-practical video effects designed to make your workflow more efficient. Think of these as a Swiss army knife of tools designed to enhance, optimize, and accelerate your productivity.
NewBlue Video Essentials III offers 175 presets in 10 specialized effects to speed workflow, add artistic flair, and solve common problems including rolling shutters, jagged edges, contrast, lighting, color and more.
NewBlue Video Essentials V offers 10 targeted effects designed for producing professional quality results with minimum effort. These tools will save time, energy, and accelerate your productivity.
NewBlue Motion Blends features dynamic transitions that introduce refreshing new ways to move your imagery and keep your viewer engaged.
NewBlue 3D Explosions injects explosive energy into your videos with ease. This astonishing collection of customizable 3D transitions includes 180 presets in 13 different plugins that introduce creative new ways to blast a scene into pieces.
NewBlue 3D Transformations delivers eye-popping transitions that twist, fly, fold, bounce and more from one scene to the next. This collection of 165 presets in 13 high energy transitions breaks creative ground with new ways to slice, fly and reassemble your scenes.
NewBlue Paint Blends uses painting, drawing and cartoon techniques to create exciting scene transitions. This dynamic collection of transitions features 124 presets in 12 distinct video transitions designed to transform your transitions with artistic color and captivating paint techniques.
Once upon a time, you labored over video titling or outsourced it altogether. It was a painful experience
and you probably never got the high-quality results you wanted. With Titler Pro, those days are over.
Now you can create rich titles in a fraction of the time. With an native plugin interface so intuitive
and simple, you’ll have zero to learn and more time to get on with your work day.
NewBlue Audio Essentials (formerly NewBlue Essentials) includes 8 standard audio processing tools, such as chorus, delay and echo, to process soundtracks with professional results. This collection of VST-compatible plugins offers the perfect starting point for any serious digital video editor.
NewBlue Audio Production Tools (formerly NewBlue Production Tools) instantly boosts soundtrack quality. This all-inclusive audio plugin collection features 11 must-have audio effects to boost clarity and performance sound.
Includes: Bass Boost, Compactor, Crisper.
NewBlue Audio Scrubbers (formerly NewBlue Scrubbers) repairs audio problems with ease. Offering 6 powerful, easy-to-use audio repair techniques, this collection of audio plugins attacks noise and hum problems from every direction.
NewBlue Audio Equalizers (formerly NewBlue Equalizers) allows you to control the highs, lows and everything-in-betweens of your audio tracks. This collection of 9 specialized audio plugin filters can boost or cut ranges of tone in a variety of ways.
NewBlue Light Blends is a collection of truly original and dazzling techniques that will electrify your story with stunning light flairs, orbs, rays, strobes and more. You’ll discover that there's nothing more effective and impactful than using light for scene transitions, and Light Blends will be among your staple tools.
Use AVCHD UpShift to batch convert your AVCHD originated footage into high bitrate MPEG .m2t files, then edit them easily on any HD / MPEG2 capable NLE. AVCHD UpShift decodes your footage once, so your NLE doesn’t have to do the heavy lifting.
NewBlue Art Blends brings out the artist in your production. With this exclusive collection's set of 113 transitions in 10 specialized video effects, you can shift your images through unique, stunning graphics filters, captivate your viewers and communicate your vision with ease.
With dozens of image-enhancing, time-saving presets, all-new Video Essentials IV allows unthinkable: Turn day into night, make wrinkles disappear, overlay a timer, and add a reflection - with ease.
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NewBlue Sound Benders add intrigue and entertainment to your soundtrack. These 9 creative audio effects manipulate, morph and even mutilate your audio tracks in every way imaginable.
Includes: Buzzurgle, Insectoid, Phone, Radio, Resonator, Robot Fog, Under Water, Wah, Wind.
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Audio Scrubbers
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